AIAG VDA Alignment

AIAG VDA Alignment

AIAG VDA Alignment : a new method from VDA QMC :

Currently suppliers providing products to both German and N.A. OEM’s are required to assess their products’ failure modes and effects differently, based on differences between the Severity, Occurrence, and Detection rating tables in the VDA and AIAG FMEA Manuals. This causes confusion and adds complexity to the product development and product improvement activities of the suppliers. A common set of FMEA requirements/expectations will enable suppliers to have a single FMEA business process and associated set of methods and tools to produce robust, accurate and complete FMEA’s that would meet the needs and expectations of any of their customers”.

Main changes would be :
– 6 steps : scope definition, Structure analysis, Function analysis, Failure analysis, Risk analysis, Optimization
– AIAG and VDA assessment alignment
– Elimination of the Risk Priority Number (RPN)
– Apparition of the action priority (AP)

Skill FMEA Pro update

Skill FMEA Pro is already available in AIAG or VDA. Built from our Franco-German partnership with Böhme und Weihs company, we are ahead of the integration of this new method. The new version of Skill FMEA PRO will integrate the new FMEA 5th Edition.

AIAG VDA Alignment with Skill FMEA Pro software
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