Skill Action Pro

Skill Action Pro, a powerful sofware with a global overview !

All companies manage action plans. They generally use spreadsheets from 10 to 20 columns. It is impossible to have a global and safe vision when the information is stored in multiple files and spreadsheets duplicated each time you send a mail. Skill Action Pro is an action software positioned between Excel, Outlook, Lotus Notes and hyper sophisticated programs involving a change of the whole organization. Skill Action Pro is a web software, simple, secured, and accessible by all users. It allows to centralize and process your actions in a reliable software without duplication

Benefits :

– Centralize and Monitor actions without duplication
– Have a global / detailed overview
– Simplify and secure monitoring and reporting
– Measure efficiency and performance
– Receive E-mail alarms
– Be compliant in audits
– Manage a Dashboard
– Validate the actions

Action software

Simplicity and efficiency

Skill Action Pro was developed hand in hand with our customers. The key word: simplicity! The web technology allows implementation from 1 to N sites easily. Due to its simplicity, Skill Action Pro is used directly and effectively by all users. As a result, a single screen for an action monitoring and a performance analysis.

« Action software : Just one click » !

Global / detailed overview

The first screen displays a global overview of the actions. One click to zoom in on the user request. All actions are centralized, the software brings the right information on an intuitive interface.

Unlike a spreadsheet Skill Action Pro simply displays the right information from the connection.


Reminders and mail alarms

You can choose to be alerted automatically by mail : delays, new actions, or any other cadence. A manager can mobilize his teams on a specific project with a mouse click. Each email received is unique and opens Skill Action Pro to the right place.

The right mail at the right time

Dashboard and performance

Skill Action Pro automatically generates your dashboard: actions distribution and performance. This screen is displayed in a graphical form and generates statistics for the monitoring of the actions.

Action software with real-time indicators

Tableau de bord Skill Action Pro
Trafic actions

Traffic and workload

The traffic is displayed graphically and compares the number of new actions to the number of acted ones. The workload shows you which person is available for a period of time.

What is my workload? Who is available for this action?


The interface languages is in English or French. A module allows you to translate your data into multi-languages.

Share and homogenize into multi-languages .



Skill Action Pro a full web-based software accessible from any workstation with an internet connection. The software is either installed at the customer server or hosted by our company in SAAS mode. Configurations are available in a mono or multi-site network. Licenses are simultaneous. You can therefore install the software on N computers and only with X simultaneous connections.

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