Skill Infra Convert

Skill Infra Convert, CAD to excel.

CAD to excel : all the relevant information is automatically extracted from a CAD drawing (Dxf, Dwg, Igs or Iges), stamped, numbered and extracted into an Xls file.

Benefits :

– CAD to excel

– Automatic detection of dimensions of CAD drawings
– Stamping dimensions.
– Extraction of the list into an Xls file
– Save time
– No input error

CAD to excel

Save time and avoid errors.

The detection of dimensions is done with a simple click and thus allows our customers to save hours of work. Moreover, the reliability of Skill Infra Convert allows you to completely eliminate all possible errors you may have with a manual inspection.

With one click, I extract 100% of dimensions without any error!

Generate an excel sheet and pdf.

After stamping and numbering all the dimensions in one click, you can save a list in Excel form, a global picture of the stamped drawing, a picture for each stamp and the control plan.

I generate an Xls list, pdfs and jpeg files with one click


Integrate components into the design FMEA

If you already work on our Skill FMEA Pro software, Skill Infra Convert will automatically integrate components with all dimensions from CAD drawings into the Design FMEA.

Integrate components into the FMEA: 1 click !