Skill FMEA Pro

Skill FMEA Pro, the world leader in FMEA software since 1992 !

Skill FMEA Pro is dedicated to the creation and the update of the FMEA. Special characteristics are managed at design and process FMEA, synchronized with control plans and in perfect consistency with job instruction that are created automatically. Save time and money with the world leader FMEA software.


The new version of Skill FMEA PRO integrate the new FMEA 5th Edition: AIAG-VDA FMEA harmonization (AIAG – VDA alignment).

Benefits : 

– Design, Process, Machine FMEA.

– AIAG / VDA 1st edition.
– AIAG 4th edition, VDA 6, ISO 9001, IATF 16949, IAQG.
– Automatic capitalization into the generic FMEA.
– Update and traceability for the audits.
– Homogenization and consistency in multi-users, multi-plants, multi-languages.

– Intuitive interface to facilitate meetings.

– Functionnal analysis

– Creation of the process flow chart.
– Perfect consistency with control plans.
– Job instruction.
– FMEA control plan for the operators.
– Action plans.
– Special class characteristics (SCC).
– Automatic integration of CAD drawings.

FMEA software

Save time and ROI with an FMEA software

FMEA method aims the risks detection and control in accordance with the QSE requirement. A specialized and adapted software offers more efficiency than a spreadsheet. Aways with repetitive updates without knowledge capitalization.

Use the the world leader in FMEA software

Synchronization of FMEA : design, process and control plan

Skill FMEA Pro gives you perfect consistency between design and process. Special characteristics are managed at all stages. The software generate the diagram, the control plan and the job instruction and centralize the action plans.

The guiding thread: synchronization and automatic capitalization.


Compliance with audit

Our FMEA software is validated by more than 1,500 customer installations worldwide. Each audit was successful. The precision and the overlapping of the datas bring you exactness in your study and a perfect coherence over all your documents generated. No more discrepancies during your audit due to inconsistent information. Consistency is also ensured between design and process FMEA, control plans, flow charts, job instructions and special class characteristics.

Skill FMEA Pro generate a complete audit file.

Dynamic retex

In order to accelerate input, increase its reliability and assist with it, Skill FMEA Pro uses a knowledge network, so that the response to the following stage is always given, based on experience previously capitalised by the system.
An example for a given operation is only to show the possible modes, and for a given mode only to show the possible causes… The knowledge network must give the user the next stage, without having to view or search from among the thousands of terms in catalogues. The precise wording is unimportant: some ten terms are shown, and the choice is therefore instantaneous.

You capitalize your knowledge.

FMEA capitalization

Functional analysis

The FMEA software uses the life cycle (Life Cycle Cost) to analyse the functions expected by the client and their specifications . The functional criteria define the level of constraints.

The special characteristics defined by the client’s schedule of specifications are incorporated in the product functional analysis.

Action plans

For each cause, several actions can be put in place to reduce the criticality values through a reduction of the frequency or detection. The portfolio of actions is centralized for the entire company, enabling everyone to access directly all the actions to be accomplished for all the FMEA files managed by Skill FMEA Pro. The link with “ Skill Action Pro” allows the centralization of all actions of the company into a web software.

Action plan and monitoring are consistent with FMEA

FMEA capitalization

Capitalization / Generic

The specific FMEAs are created from generic FMEAs. A generic FMEA capitalizes, under control, on all the knowledge added in its specific fmeas. The specific FMEAs are created from generic FMEAs; every enrichment of a specific fmea is capitalized in the generic fmea. Knowledge is gradually built upon by accumulating experience from all the studies.

Use of the generic FMEAs is instantaneous, and capitalization is guaranteed.

Transverse audit

The transverse audit module instantly diagnose and homogenize all the design and manufacturing processes of the quality system. In the event of a client non-compliance it is important to make a transversal analysis of the same problems in hundreds of studies, or to be familiar with all the actions undertaken in response to a given cause.

Transversalize your FMEA in one click.

FMEA audit

Automatic integration of CAD drawings.

“Skill Infra Convert” module scans CAD drawing, automatically extracts all dimensions and their tolerances. They are stamped, numbered and integrated into the quality control plan of the FMEA in 1 click.

Integrate components into the FMEA: 1 click !

From the control Plan to the job instruction

From the control plan, the operator directly accesses the characteristics to be checked at the workstation, with the exact values / tolerances. The updating of a plan instantly affects the production station.

Dynamic update on the workstation.


Multi-languages and multi-plants

Skill FMEA Pro is, of course, available in several languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Hungarian, Turkish, Czech, Portuguese, and Polish). The translation option enables FMEAs to be “brought to life” through dynamic updating of the central synchronised glossaries, and therefore to capitalize on all newly translated terms. In multi-plants configuration, each user shares and synchronize the knowledge. The capitalization is for the entire group.

Capitalization in multi-languages and multi-plants


Skill FMEA Pro is available in a mono or multi-site network. Licences are simultaneous. You can therefore install Skill FMEA Pro on N computers and only with X simultaneous connections.

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