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      Training content

      Skill Software has been a training organisation since 1990.

      The Skill FMEA Pro sessions focus on our customers' products and processes, with a dynamic approach that is perfectly in line with the development of quality standards.

      From 1990 to 2023, we have trained more than 5,500 trainees over 1,600 training days!

      Skill FMEA Pro is multi-referential, so training will be based on the customer's standard: AIAG / VDA - AIAG 4th edition - VDA 6 - ISO 9001 - IATF 16949 - Aeronautic IAQG.

      Training is provided either on the customer's premises (in-house) or via web conference on the following topics:

      DFMEA or PFMEA & Control Plan.

      DFMEA & PFMEA & Control plan.


      The following documents will be drawn up:

      - a quotation, a signed agreement, an attendance sheet & an on-the-spot evaluation

      - a training certificate & an invoice

      - a user manual containing an ice-breaker exercise.

      Trainees must be familiar with the FMEA method. They are from design offices, quality, methods, industrialisation or metrology departments.


      A training plan for FMEA Skill FMEA Pro software consists of :
      LEVEL 1 = 2 or 3 days
      FOLLOW-UP WEB CONFERENCE = 5 x 1 hour over 4 to 6 months
      LEVEL 2 = 2 days

      A 7-hour day starts at €1,386 excluding VAT.

      Subrogation of payment is not accepted.

      After the training, Skill Software will provide you with all the information you need to be reimbursed by your OPCO.

      Master the FMEA with the Skill FMEA Pro software in compliance with the selected standard and provide the user with powerful FMEA functionalities:

      - product and/or process FMEA synchronisation
      - automatic capitalisation in the generics
      - rapid updating and traceability for audits.
      - standardisation and consistency for multiple users, multiple sites and multiple languages.
      - intuitive interface for leading meetings.
      - functional analysis
      - creation of manufacturing diagrams.
      - perfect consistency with control plans.
      - integrated action plans.
      - control of special characteristics (CS or KC).

      Each training course begins with an "ice-breaker" exercise involving a FMEA situation, and ends with an on-the-spot evaluation based on the following criteria:

      CONTENT > Compliance with the program and objectives, interest in the content.
      MODERATION > Expertise of the moderator, Relationship with the group.
      USEFULNESS > Application in the future.
      PUNCTUALITY > Compliance with timetables and training duration.
      PEDAGOGY > Method, listening.

      The trainees are then continuously assessed via web conferences using the Skill FMEA Pro analysis screen.

      Starting with an initial exercise, the trainer runs his training program on a customer example. The user manual is used to monitor the learning process hour by hour, and an on-the-spot evaluation is carried out to assess the level of satisfaction of each participant. 

      As indicated in the prerequisites, the trainer will need a flipchart and a video projector. Trainees must have a PC connected to the server with access to the Skill FMEA Pro software.

      Skill Software is "Qualiopi" certified. Quality certification has been awarded for the following category of action: "Training actions".

      QUALIOPI is the quality certification mark for providers of actions contributing to the development of skills (OPAC) according to the R.N.Q or R.N.C.Q.

      Qualiopi is the only certification that enables organisations providing training, skills assessment, V.A.E and apprenticeship schemes to obtain public and/or mutualised funding.

      Training takes place on the company's premises, and the general and specific safety instructions applicable are those of the company.

      If you have a sensory or motor impairment, please contact us to discuss organisational possibilities.


      Business registration number: 82 69 03265 69 issued by the DRFPCSC

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