Skill FMEA Pro is the reference FMEA software for all sectors. Configurations range from very small businesses to global deployments. It is a productivity tool that allows each user to be guided through the method based on capitalised knowledge.





      Skill FMEA Pro features

      Skill FMEA Pro is the benchmark FMEA software for all sectors. It complies with the AIAG, AIAG - VDA and VDA automotive standards, as well as the IAQG EN9145, APQP core tools FMEA and EN9100 aerospace standards. Validated by over 1,500 customers on 4 continents, it provides a "clear" response to demanding standards that are complicated to implement without a dedicated tool. Configurations can be adapted from small companies to worldwide deployments.

      Skill FMEA Pro can be used to create Design FMEAs: from functional analysis to risk analysis, control of special characteristics is guaranteed. The bill of materials can be imported directly from an Excel file or a CAD drawing. It is perfectly synchronised with the Process FMEA, the flowchart and the control plan.

      It is possible to synchronise the Design FMEA with the Process FMEA or to run only one type of FMEA. Process FMEAs are managed via a simple, intuitive interface. You build the flowchart, deploy the risk analyses and then create your action plans to reduce the criticality values. The job instructions are perfectly consistent with the flowchart, and they will be created automatically!

      This FMEA module can be used to analyse the failures of machines and equipment involved in the production of a product, right down to the maintenance sheet. The capitalisation and generic functions save a lot of time.

      The control plans are created in parallel with the PFMEA, with perfect synchronisation. No discrepancy is possible because all the information comes from the same database. A global and instantaneous view of the process parameters or product characteristics is available so that the user can check the coverage of the controls, particularly those for special characteristics.

      The Flowchart is generated automatically and integrates data from the Product FMEA, the Process FMEA and the control plan. It handles notions of confidentiality.

      Skill FMEA Pro can detect special characteristics using several methods, either risk-based or requirements-based. Controlling special characteristics is at the heart of the software.

      Skill FMEA Pro uses an experience network to speed up data entry, make it more reliable and provide assistance. This dynamic retex always provides the answer at the next stage, based on the experience already capitalised by the system. The software works constantly on a lesson-learnt basis.

      The product and process modules can be used independently or in perfect synchronisation. There is perfect consistency between the FMEAs, the flowchart and the control plan. No discrepancy is possible because the information comes from the same database.

      Skill FMEA Pro offers automatic capitalisation functions. The generic FMEAs are fed and enriched as and when new projects are carried out. Any new knowledge from a specific FMEA is capitalised in the generic FMEA. In this way, knowledge is centralised and then redistributed and shared. FMEAs can be implemented instantly, and capitalisation is guaranteed.

      Skill FMEA Pro allows you to create dynamic generic FMEAs that will draw on and store all the group's knowledge in a "bank". The specific FMEAs will be able to benefit from this accumulated experience, thus gaining in precision and time. The generic FMEAs will be constantly enriched.

      Expressed in the requirements of car manufacturers, the reverse FMEA is a continuous improvement process on a workshop scale. It is used to check the consistency between failure modes and their prevention and detection controls. This functionality allows you to zoom in on an operation at the bottom of the production line and check the consistency between production and the FMEA.

      Skill FMEA Pro includes a module for monitoring FMEA actions as standard. For each cause, several actions can be implemented to reduce criticality values (or action priority) by reducing frequency or detection. The portfolio of actions is centralised for the entire company. An e-mail system can be used to send reminders to those involved. The "Skill Action Pro" option can be used to manage all your company's actions in addition to those linked to the FMEA.

      Job instructions are generated automatically, incorporating product and process information and control plans. Various pdf formats are available. For Enterprise 4.0 implementation, the 'Skill Production Reader' option displays instructions and updated values on a tablet for operators.

      Skill FMEA Pro is available as a single or multi-site network. Licenses are floating and correspond to connection "tokens". The software is available in several languages. In addition, the translation option allows FMEAs to be "brought to life" by dynamically updating the central synchronised glossaries, thus capitalising on all newly translated terms. In a multi-site configuration, all users share and synchronise their experience and knowledge. Capitalization takes place at the global company level.

      Skill FMEA Pro is available for installation on the customer's premises or in hosted mode. Hosted mode offers several advantages. Your IT department is freed from all constraints. No installation is required. This option includes data hosting, backup and security.

      5 advantages over Excel

      Skill FMEA Pro software offers significant advantages over using Excel. Here are five major advantages:

      Organisation and standardisation of the process

      Skill FMEA Pro provides a structure for the analysis method, ensuring a consistent and standardised approach to risk assessment. Unlike Excel, it guides users through the steps without the need to pre-design complex models.

      Centralisation, synchronisation and capitalisation of data

      Skill FMEA Pro stores all the data in the same place. This makes it easier to manage information, avoid version errors and give teams faster access to relevant data. There is perfect synchronisation between product FMEAs, process FMEAs, monitoring plans and the flowchart. In an environment where several production or engineering sites operate, it is crucial to centralise, standardise and capitalise on data.

      Management of updates

      Skill FMEA Pro automates many repetitive FMEA tasks, such as report generation and criticality calculations, and makes it easier to update data. Unlike Excel, it reduces the risk of human error and enables more effective monitoring of changes.

      Traceability and history management

      Another major advantage is the ability to ensure complete traceability of FMEAs, monitoring plans and actions taken. Unlike Excel, where managing the history of analyses can be tedious, Skill FMEA Pro offers features for recording and tracking changes over time.

      Special characteristic and cross-functional audit

      Skill FMEA Pro allows the use of special characteristics. These are automatically propagated to all views and reports. There are no more errors, because there is only one data source. The cross-functional Audit option lets you query the database to check that the work has been done correctly on a particular study or on all the studies in your company. This eliminates the risk of non-compliance.

      Add-on modules

      logo_skill_ACTION_PROSkill ACTION Pro

      The "Skill Action Pro" option is a web module for managing all the company's actions, including of course those resulting from the FMEA. This simple, secure web-based software gives you a global view of your actions. Accessible to everyone in real time, it provides real control. Unlike a word processor or spreadsheet, everything is centralised. Skill Action Pro simply provides you with the right information that you can use as soon as you log on.

      The "Skill Infra Convert" option can be used to bubble up the dimensions of a CAD drawing in DXF or DWG format, extracting them automatically and integrating them into the FMEA’s bill of material. Dimension detection is just a click away, saving our customers hours of work. What's more, the reliability of Skill Infra Convert means that you can eliminate the errors that can occur when data is entered manually.

      logo_skill_INFRA_CONVERTSkill INFRA Convert

      logo_skill_PRODUCTION_READERSkill PRODUCTION Reader

      The "Skill Production Reader" option enables the operator to view the FMEA data dynamically in the desired format. From the control plan, he can access the characteristics/parameters to be controlled at the workstation, with the exact values/tolerances. This puts an end to the classic export of an A4 PDF document, which is transferred to a document management system and then displayed with version differences. This option is a "Reverse FMEA" tool for feeding information back from the workshop to the FMEA pilot (Gemba).

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