Since 1990, Skill Software, a member of the proALPHA group, has been the publisher of the "Skill FMEA Pro" software validated by more than 1,500 customers worldwide.

      Skill FMEA Pro

      Skill FMEA Pro is the reference FMEA software for all sectors. Configurations range from very small businesses to worldwide deployments. It is a productivity tool that enables each user to be guided through the method, based on capitalised knowledge.

      Return on Investment

      Thanks to its "Retex", "Capitalisation" and "Generic" functions, the return on investment is measurable. Our customers observe time savings of more than 50% on their FMEAs, flowcharts and monitoring plans.

      A global presence


      All sectors



      For over 30 years, the automotive industry has been using Skill FMEA Pro to be fully compliant with AIAG, AIAG/VDA & VDA standards. Our software provides a clear response to your need of product and/or process synchronisation, monitoring plans and flowcharts. The turnkey solution includes capitalisation, generic, retex and reverse FMEA functionalities as standard.


      Aerospacial & Defence

      The aerospace industries are using Skill FMEA Pro to produce their product FMEA, process FMEA, control plan and flowchart in compliance with APQP (EN9145). The editions meet the SCMH deliverables. Skill FMEA Pro software is simple, dedicated and approved by the sector. It provides a "clear" response to a demanding standard that is complicated to implement without a dedicated tool.



      The constant concern of maintenance managers is to provide their customers with hours of trouble-free operation of their production equipment. Once a performance gap has been identified, action must be taken to eradicate malfunctions. This FMEA module can be used to analyse the failures of the machines and equipment involved in making a product, right up to the maintenance sheet.


      Other sectors

      Inspired by the automotive industry, where quality is a keyword, new sectors are equipping themselves every day with Skill FMEA Pro to carry out their FMEA risk analyses. The capitalisation and generic functions save a lot of time. No matter your sector of activity, improve your quality by discovering Skill FMEA Pro. Objective: PPM reductions!

      All sizes of business

      Small & Medium-sized businesses :

      FMEA is not exclusive to large companies. No matter the size of your company, only dedicated software can provide precision and synchronisation. Excel is not enough. Skill FMEA Pro enables small and medium-sized companies to comply with customer requirements with a simple, ready-to-use, standard solution. Configurations are cost-competitive, tailored to your business and quick to implement.

      Large companies :

      Skill Software has extensive experience in multi-site and multi-lingual deployment. Standardising FMEAs with dedicated software facilitates communication between teams and enables knowledge to be capitalised in generic banks at company level. All users share the retex and synchronise experience. Consistency is perfect because everything comes from a single database.

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